Gear Update

Adding detail to front gear.




Final fuselage/wing mesh cleanup and check before working on details such as windshield, air intakes, APU and gear doors. To have some change, modeled the windshield wipers, pitot tubes and made corrections/additions to the nose gear, started main gear.


No, the project is not dead. Working on removing or at least limiting some anomalies assosiated with tris that occur after cutting in a cylinder(fuselage tube) After a short impasse, going quite well! Again, no eyecandy.


Moving a bit slower, but foreward nonetheless. All doors were cut out. Extensive work on the wing is being done in order to get the shape near perfect before cutting out control and lift surfaces(woudn’t want to redo it all later!) Also little improvements and details added to the mesh here and there.

No eyecandy this time.

Exterior update NOTAM

FUSELAGE.pngDespite one of my screens dying out on me, I managed to update and correct the exterior extensively bringing it even closer to it’s real life counterpart, the whole mesh is also a lot lower on polycount. Most doors are being cut out now. Stay tuned.