Welcome to Project FG767. A project aimed at creating a GPL licensed model similar to the 767-300 aircraft for the open source/free software FlightGear simulator.


  • Have fun.
  • Help the FlightGear community with a new aircraft.
  • Attempt to create “showcase” aircraft.
  • Improve NASAL programming skills.
  • Improve Blender 3D modelling skills.

Why the 767-300:

  • Technical documentation available.
  • Relatively simple systems ( compared to modern FBW )
  • Photo reference widely available.
  • An “easy” fuselage and wing that is relatively easy and quick to model using Blender.

Project goals:

  • Create a detailed and accurate 3D model of the aircraft, including a virtual cockpit.
  • Create detailed and high quality textures.
  • Develop fully functional aircraft systems to closely match the real aircraft.
  • Develop an FDM that provides at least plausible realism compared to the real aircraft’s behaviour.

The project is still at it’s early stages, this means it is not available yet to contribute to. Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. Information will be posted here whenever there’s considerable progress, which is admittedly slow due to real life, but nonetheless ongoing.


  1. Hi CaptB,

    This sounds like a great project, I’d offer my help, but I’m swamped with other work at the moment…

    Some thoughts.

    Model the older cockpit for the -300 (as the real life one has the old cockpit)
    and the newer style for a -400 model! (the real -400 has a new cockpit too!)

    Tikibar has also made a great 767 cockpit.


    • Hello,

      Thanks for your interest. The project in it’s infancy and was intended to be created from scratch, no reuse of existing 3D models is planned. Some code may be reused if it fits the concept.


      • Wonderful! Maybe I can offer my assistance in some way? I work with Nasal, XML, and Cockpit development.


    • It is too early to say, but chances for ANA and Qantas liveries are high. I would not expect the SW ones, not as part of the official release.


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