Project update

It’s been a while since I updated here, so here’s the situation. The development of the FG767 was slowed down to help the IDG A320 with a rework of their external mesh, a pragmatic decision since they had a very mature project, a dedicated team with ongoing development in both systems an FDM area. This is certainly a project to keep an eye on. Refer to the FlightGear forums for further information.



The bulk of my work for IDG is wrapping up so I will be able to give more time to the FG767 which should also move a lot quicker(if health allows)

tldr: FG767 still alive.

Devil in the details: Tailskid

The devil and immersion in our case, is in the details. Here’s the tail skid which is completed along with antennas, pitot tubes, AOA, lights and fuselage intakes. tailskid.png


All control surfaces, gear doors were cut out and being modeled. The parts of the external mesh that required most work and attention to detail and thus time to complete are 90% done. Also, some early work started for the fuselage texture. I hope to have the external model done by New Years, maybe earlier.

Will post some screenshots when there’s more to look at.

Main Gear

Summertime, sun and temperature is up, little motivation to sit in front of a PC screen, but 3D work is being done regardless, main gear started.


Wing Update

The wings are being wrapped up(finally!) Just the inboard slats, gear well door and the mysterious  gear popup door on the upper surface of the wing. Stay tuned.

Edit: A video of the clearance/popup door, bottom right 16:45