Main Gear

Main gear 3D model nearly done.

Edit: Torsion link was a bit short on this screenshot, so this and other things were brought to proportions.



Main Gear

Summertime, sun and temperature is up, little motivation to sit in front of a PC screen, but 3D work is being done regardless, main gear started.


Wing Update

The wings are being wrapped up(finally!) Just the inboard slats, gear well door and the mysterious  gear popup door on the upper surface of the wing. Stay tuned.

Edit: A video of the clearance/popup door, bottom right 16:45



After some discussions with a friend of mine, who is a seasoned FS aircraft developer with much more experience in making models for flightsims than I will ever have, I have decided to remove the 3D windows and go ahead with textured ones. Considering all sorts of problems, this was a logical solution for a large aircraft model as the 763, one with multiple operators with various seat configurations. The benefits are clear, a cleaner and lighter mesh with more flexibility. Stay tuned.


Final fuselage/wing mesh cleanup and check before working on details such as windshield, air intakes, APU and gear doors. To have some change, modeled the windshield wipers, pitot tubes and made corrections/additions to the nose gear, started main gear.